Nicole Pitaniello

“When I first went to Jeanie, I was worried that by building muscle I would only look bigger when what I really wanted was to lose weight and look smaller. How quickly I learned the truth— building muscle is actually the best way to look your physical best! Within the first few weeks, my body began to transform. Working with Jeanie, I have lost inches and kept them off, and sculpted my body in a way I never thought possible. It has been my privilege to work with and learn from Jeanie. She has not only changed how I look but also how I feel about myself and my potential. I am extraordinarily grateful to her.”

Heidi Owen West

“I heard about Jeanie through an old friend I would run into every now and again. My friend had always been a little pudgy and had even more trouble after her second baby was born. About six months later I ran into her and my jaw dropped to the floor. She had transformed herself, she was fit , lean and shapely. I had to know her secret! Jeanie Naja was her secret weapon, a personal trainer with her own private studio. I made sure my husband knew what I wanted for Christmas, sessions with Jeanie!! That holiday changed my life. I was no stranger to working out. I had dabbled in weight training, and considered myself an accomplished distance runner but could not achieve the results I was looking for. It didn’t matter how much cardio I did I still looked soft and carried extra weight. Jeanie taught me how to work out, how to add muscle to burn calories all day, how to eat properly and how to push myself to do things I never envisioned I could do. She motivated me in a compassionate way to make the right choices and achieve the desired results. I have never felt better, nor had so much energy. Jeanie was able to structure workouts around a back injury I incurred years ago and in fact I have been pain free since beginning my weight lifting program. Jeanie’s knowledge of the human body and most particularly a woman’s body is beyond compare. She knows exactly what you need to do to get the results you are looking for.”

Shelley Shalhoub

“I cannot tell you enough of how Jeanie has made a positive impact on my life. Our work-outs are always fun and challenging, pushing me to do more. I look forward to my sessions at Jeanie’s studio as I feel comfortable and confident while I’m there. I lost a lot weight and improved my overall health thanks to some nutritional changes that Jeanie introduced me to.

We are always discussing exciting ways how I can do more. Jeanie has me taking advantage of our sessions so I don’t leave feeling rushed or unattended too. Their training center has everything you would need use to measure progress and equipment that Jeanie creatively uses to work for you.

Everyone should get to meet Jeanie at her studio and find out what she can for them….I recommend Jeanie to anyone no matter who they are!”

Mandy Mittler

“The thing I love about Jeanie is the way she empowers me, without making me feel silly, nervous or weak. She completely understands my needs and wants without forcing me to become someone or something I’m not. She listens and guides with strength and determination and above all she motivates with her words and encouragement. Jeanie has been a true blessing to me, building my confidence, knowledge and body. I look forward to seeing her each week and then feel completely exhausted and energized at the same time. I have been working with Jeanie for the past 5 years, through 2 children and surgeries she structures my routine to fit my new body. She has helped me through my eating depending upon me and my babies needs and is constantly challenging me. I have tried to work out on my own and have always come back to her because with her I see immediate results. I would recommend Jeanie to anyone!”

Hillary T.

“I came to Jeannie’s Custom Fitness having never exercised in my adult life. True, I walked my dog every day and true, I’m a pretty active person. But I’d never used any machine, or weights, and I’d never thought about “toning” or “training” or “cardio” or “glutes”. During the introductory session I was asked what my goals were and I simply said I wanted to “feel better”. My trainer (and now friend) Sarah Currier wrote down “empowerment” – a word whose meaning I did not grasp at the time. Since that first visit I’ve entered a whole new world. I feel fit, and strong. I move differently. Sarah has put me in control of my body and being in control has proved to be empowering in ways I could not have imagined when I made the first tentative steps. This testimonial is for those in their second half centuries: do something for yourself, get physically empowered, your guides are skilled and it’s a thrill to rediscover ease of movement and strength!”