You must wear a mask at all times and complete our health screening checklist every time you come to the gym!

Daily Health Screening Checklist

We do have new protocols that are in place and we hope to continue to keep our facility clean, safe, and  healthy for everyone as we did before.

We ask that as soon as you enter please wash your hands. We have hand-sanitizing stations throughout the facility but soap and water are the best defense. You must wear a mask at all times and bring your own water ! We ask that you follow the new-posted rules that I will post below as well. If you are on a treadmill/cardio machine please place/space yourself on every other and when cleaning please DO NOT wipe down the TV screens (we will be doing that multiple times a day) for the disinfectant is not the proper cleaning product for screens.

Please refrain from circuit workouts if there are other people in the facility. If you are alone, we have cones available to mark where you have been so that you can clean thoroughly each station at the end of your workout to eliminate paper product waste from cleaning after every set.

We have invested in some great and CDC approved cleaning supplies and products and will be doing a full gym clean multiple times a day and will adjust according to the gym traffic.

We ask that you bring your own water bottle but of course fill up at the water fountain. As of right now we ask you to not use the showers and limit your items that you bring to the facility

We know you love your gym but please take pride in keep it clean and keeping it open. If any member is seen not following our new protocols you will get one warning and your second violation is a termination of membership.

Please note that procedures, access, and protocols may change at any time. Let’s all be compliant and flexible!

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Please let us know if you have questions, concerns, etc.


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