We Get Personal

Built with science and delivered with passion, our trainers will develop a personalized training program that fits your body, lifestyle and budget.


Your Personal Trainer will be focused entirely on you and your goals. Get the motivation and guidance you need at every session together. Private Training room available.

Partner Training and Small Group Training

Split the cost but double the fun when you choose partner or small group training. Customized workout sessions will push you both toward your goals. Share the experience and the expense with others who have similar goals. Bring together friends, family or co-workers to form a small training group. (Typical group size can consist of 2-6 individuals.) *rates vary on group size

Virtual One-on-One Training and Virtual Small Group Training

Save money, stay at home, and join us on Zoom!

Complimentary Consultations

Discuss your training style, goals and preferences during your first consultation. From this, we will match you with the ideal Certified Personal Trainer.

Assessments & Planning

Knowing and understanding your body helps you get the most from 1-on-1 training. Learn your metabolic rate, sensitivities and nutritional state.

Customized Plans

Work together on a plan to help you properly nourish and move your body and achieve better health. You’ll keep adapting as you reach goals.


Our trainers are able to work off-site — traveling to your home, or place of business. We provide the same great result driven workouts at your convenience.