Meet CFIT Trainers

🕉🤸🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🙏 Meet our Yoga Instructor Heather!! Here is her story!!! #meetcftrainers

“I found yoga, or yoga found me, when I was stumbling through a broken body and spirit. Coming from a strong athletic background, nursing a few ortho mishaps was the best thing I never expected. While learning to practice patience with my active mind and resting joints, I discovered a yoga video from Dylan Werner and I was HOOKED. I wandered into Kayla’s newly opened studio and a yoga desire bloomed into an instructor certification. I later would be lucky enough to learn from Dylan, my first inspiration, in two separate training locations. Dylan tears down the “yoga is only stretching” walls and promotes a whole-body, practical use practice. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to pass on my, always learning, knowledge to members, friends, and family. Thank you, for the opportunity and as always, may all beings be happy and free!! 

Join Heather on Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm and be on the lookout for other yoga inspired pop-up classes! #yogainstructor #yogafit #yogainspiration