We welcome all levels to Yoga. In our classes you will learn and perform sequences that will help you build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. CF Yoga is a challenging and dynamic Vinyasa series, meaning breath is linked to movement. This class is moderately paced so you will learn the fundamental Yoga postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice.


Heather Prindle

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  • Learn proper alignment in the poses and breathing techniques
  • Small, Personal Classes
  • Tone and Sculpt Entire Body
  • Well-rounded yoga program

Pricing Plan

  • Single Rate: $12
  • 10-visits: $100
  • 25-visits: $200
  • Month Unlimited Package for 1: $85
  • Month Unlimited Package for 2: $140
  • Student Discount: 10%

Classes and packages are all interchangeable